What is in the Name of a Linen

Colors, texture, applicades, yardage, and dilottes are all components of linen. Linen can come in a variety of colors from the palest pink to the brightest neon green. They can range from a polyester cotton, polyester stripe, spandex, satin all the way to an exquisite silk, dupioni. They can be embroidered, tie dyed, sequin, eye lash, silk, pintuck and even plastic.  They can be the center of attention at your event or accent the room for any occasion. They can bring happiness, memories, laughter, oohh’s and aahh’s and even a chance for you to be asked to design an event again the following year.

Table linens have been used for centuries. According to Wikipedia, white linen were the standard cloths used at the dining table. In later medieval times, high quality linen became more common for wealthier families, while the transformation of table linen changed and was used commonly by all social classes, except for the poor. As dining experiences changed in the 20th century, linen started to evolve from white, damask linen to possibilities of texture, colors and embroidered linens that could be used more commonly at the dining tables.

Corporate linens can be used to brand a company, introduce a new logo or promote a theme or holiday celebration for a company. Photo courtesy of All Occasions Event Rental


Wedding linens can add a whole new dimension to your event. You can create anything from shabby chic, to royal elegance to even an international theme just by using specialty linens. Photo courtesy of All Occasions Event Rental.


Linen can be one of the most essential components to your event. Make sure to be conscious of your linen design in your budget and  you are sure to add zest, uniqueness and a personality that will be different than any other event you have had or attended. Just think of the many possibilities!

Give us a call at 303.935.7705 or stop by our showroom Monday through Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM and Saturdays 10:00AM-1:00PM to view our linen selection.

Below is a great resource for figuring any length linen for your tables. Because of the program we are not able to post the full linen table. If you are interested in receiving a copy please e-mail Beth at beth@allwellrents.com and she can send you the complete copy.

Table Linen Guide 8′ Banquet 6′ Banquet 4′ Banquet 6′ RD 5′ RD 4′ RD 36” RD 30”Round 24” RD
132” rd Linen To the floor To hour-glass cloth, tie with chair tie at 42”H To hour-glass cloth, tie with chair tie at 42”H
120” rd linen 24” drop To the floor To the floor at 42” Height
108” rd linen 18” drop 24”drop To the floor To the floor
96” rd linen 12” drop 18” drop 24” drop To the floor
90” rd linen 9” drop 15” drop 21” drop 27” drop To the floor
84”x84” square Decorative Overlay Decorative overlay 27” drop on ends, 24” drop on length Decorative 10” drop Decorative 12” drop Decorative 18” drop 24” drop Top cloth 27”
54”x54” Square Decorative Overlay Decorative overlay Decorative top Decorative top Decorative 3” drop 9” drop 12” drop 15” drop
90”x156” Rectangular To floor on all sides
90”x132” Rectangular To floor on all sides 1 foot fold in the middle for full length on four sides
156”x108” Rectangular
60”x120” Top cloth 10” drop Top cloth 15” drop
13”x120” Runner Decorative runner Decorative runner

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